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veterans remembrance ceremony. >> as washington likes are against this grover norquist. they are noted for the anti-tax plans. our panel of journalists, steven sloan from politico and russell berman from "the hill" >> thank you for being here. i want to talk about your interpretation of the election and what it means for the direction of tax policy. >> we had a split decision appeared the president won by two points. he won by 7.2 years ago against a war hero. he and 9 million fewer votes. he is a lame duck now. he said he was interested in raising taxes a year from now on anyone. his physician from four years ago was that they would not raise taxes on anyone. he was very clear and no taxes if you made less than $250,000. this year august 8, he started with a new framework. my plan is that i will not raise taxes on anyone who earns less than $250,000 a year. his only promising -- he is only promising not to raise income taxes. this is not include energy taxes. is only promising to protect income taxes for one year. at the end of the year, he has promised the middle-clas
that the benefits of society. where are there areas that your people would prefer that washington doesn't ago? guest: our membership wants to see the details before they take a position. they have talked broadly about the value of a reformed tax system where you lower rates but then make the tax code simpler and fairer and that includes reducing or eliminating certain deductions. people not there has when that broad statement is made by the when the rubber hits the road, that particular item or exclusion or deduction, it might hit your your industry. we believe in the best interests of the country and the best interests of the economy and avoiding the fiscal clef or digging out of these holes more broadly that tax reform in that direction should be on the table but our members have not taken a position yet on specific exemptions. g>> do you have any personal thoughts on tax increases? would there be a certain number that is acceptable? guest: i don't think there is a desire to increase capital gains taxes. if we want to encourage investment, we want people hold investments and reward that. i don't k
of the people you are now representing where are their areas they would prefer that washington don't go? >> well, our membership wants to see the details before they take a position on any potential package. reducing and eliminations certain deductions and credits. that sounds good. people nod their heads. but the rubber hits the road when it hits you or your industry. so we believe in the best interest of the country and economy and avoiding the fiscal cliff and digging out of the holes more broadly, tax reform with that direction should be on the table. >> do you have any personal thoughts on tax rate increases for capital gains, a certain number? >> well, i don't think there is a desire to increase the capital gains tax. from my perspective we want to encourage investments. we want to reward that. one of the deductions that is very important is business interest deduction. if you didn't allow businesses to deduct interests, that happened to have a severe effect on the economy so businesses can capitalize and start and grow. have you to be careful how you do it at a time we need it the most.
cannot take washington from the inside. in this case again taken at his word. >> live coverage of president obama from chicago and mitt romney in boston. plus yuri actions by phone, e- mail, facebook and twitter. >> be sure to visit the newly revised campaign 2012 web site. it has the latest events from the presidential campaign trail. you can see what the candidates and other viewers are saying about the presidential race. this is at aign2012. joining us from florida is representative debbie washerman schulz, and the chair of the democratic national committee. thank you for being with us. >> joining us is a reporter for politico. thank you for being with us. let me begin by asking about florida. he said the president will win your state. breakdown the demographics of florida. where will the president do well and mitt romney? howlet's just talk about a to early voting has been going. you do that combined with the absentee voting. going into early voting, we cut the absentee ballots by 85%. going in they had about 36,000 ballots when normally they have more than
a look at the washington, d.c. charter school system. later, changes in higher education. >> this week on "newsmakers," we want to welcome mary kay henry. we have two reporters to help us with this conversation today. lindsey cook, "national journ al." >> mary, you met with the president last week on these so- called fiscal cliff. what kind of assurances did you get from the president about his willingness to put entitlement cuts on the table in his negotiations? >> the president was crystal clear on his desire to get a conversation as a top priority before any cuts could be entertained. what we were pleased to hear, both community and labor leaders to work together in that meeting, was how completely clear the president was on respecting the will of the electorate from the november 6 election, where he believes he offered the nation a choice, and that the popular vote and the electoral vote said, yes, it is time for the wealthy americans to pay their fair share. >> did you get a sense that if he does get what he is asking for in revenue, he would be willing to entertain
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)